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The Influence Of Salt Concentration On Peda Chub Mackerel (Rastrelliger sp.) With Spontaneous Fermentation

During the fermentation process, the value of pH, aw, salt content and log TVC decreased, while the BAL total log increased. The proximate analyses showed that the moisture and protein on raw material were 73.91% and 22.01% respectively which higher with the product 52.71-53.94% for moisture and 20.15-21.54% for protein, while ash and lipid raw material were 3,22% and 0,22% respectively which lower from its product 1.25-1.37% for ash dan 15.96-16.90% for lipid. The content of TVB (18.42-16.78mg/ 100 gr) and TMA (3.35- 2.23 mg/ 100 gr) of peda were decrease while increasing the salt content (30-50%). The sensory test indicated no significant different result in between all treatments. Therefore, the determination of selected product was based on the result of sensory test eg. 30% salt.

sumber: http://repository.ipb.ac.id/handle/123456789/42615

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